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June 14, 2016

I have spent the first half of this year settling into a permanent base in Devon and spending two days a week in London (well three this week). Meanwhile the world has continued to deflate economically and is being glazed over by those who say they know better. So no real change and we await to see the result.

On Saturday my daughter participated in the Year 7’s 800 metres final of the Devon Athletics Championships. She came third. To us as a family that is no mean achievement. She has never trained as a runner really getting her endurance from her swimming which she does train for. She is not a member of an Athletics Club but has been lucky to get one lesson of coaching from a Dad whose son is in her year. He helped calm the nerves in the absence of any of her normal games staff. Her reward for taking part was nothing, her reward for coming third was nothing from Devon Athletics Authorities. Medals only for winners. Her personal reward will be she broke a school record but it will soon be forgotten by her.

On Sunday as part of a scratch team thrown together six weeks ago by her Head Swimming Coach, Robin Brew, 14 pupils (13 from year 7, including my daughter, out of 35 in the year) took part in the IAPS National Triathlon Final at Cranbrook. In difficult conditions some 250 miles from home all the team were there on time, many with parents having had dinner with the coach the night before, the team walked the course with him in the rain, they were briefed, on what to do, they were then briefed again on what to do in the rainy conditions and they went to the start as team. They all swam, rode and ran in their individual battle but to support the team. At the end of event they knew they had done well, felt invigorated by their coach that that they had all finished and finished well. No results on the day as the water got into the machines until today. It was a clean sweep for the girls 1st 2nd 3rd (my daughter) and 4th. The three boys came 2nd 3rd and 4th meaning they won the Year 7Team prize. 70 schools had participated on the day and some 470 children participated for all age groups from all over the country. There were no awards whilst they sorted out the results on the say as the computers stopped working together. The medals for participating were late and will be sent in the post.

Anyone who has done a triathlon (I have not) will know that it’s not easy. But it goes to show what can be done with the right targeted training with fit people to blend them into a team and motivate them to achieve together. Robin has created something very special a memory for life.

Let that be a lesson in business as well. Well targeted briefed non specialist individuals can achieve so much together when correctly motivated and congratulated for their achievements. The biggest asset in a company are the people so use it don’t squander it and you too can stand and applaud a great coach.

Wednesday 15th June sees the Marines Rehabilitation Triathlon take place. I was privileged to meet Mark Ormrod, , who came to train for the event at the school. He was the first Marine to live having lost three limbs in Afghanistan. He will be competing. His own personal Motivation if that could be harnessed in business would be staggering.

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