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Stratton Street PCC Renminbi Bond Fund

Stratton Street’s Renminbi Bond Fund is designed to provide investors with a relatively high income while enabling investors to gain exposure to the dynamic growth of the Chinese economy through bond and currency investments. The fund has an excellent six year track record.

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Stratton Street UCITS Renminbi Bond Fund UI

Like the original fund, the Fund invests in investment grade Asian bonds, hedged into the Chinese renminbi. The Fund currently has a euro class, so the buyer is exposed to the appreciation of the renminbi against the dollar, but with the dollar exposure hedged into euros, providing less volatility for a euro-based investor.

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Stratton Street PCC The Japan Synthetic Warrant Fund

Offers sophisticated investors a geared approach to investing in the Japanese Stock Market

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ADAMAS Asset Management

I also am a Senior Advisor to ADAMAS Asset Management in Hong Kong. They Manage and advise...

Absolute Return Products focus on Japan and Asia.
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Private Credit Investment in China.
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They also advise a London Stock Exchange Aim Listed Company Adamas Finance Asia.
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Vulpes Investment Management

I am also a senior Advisor to Vulpes Investment Management in Singapore. They Manage and Advise a number of funds that provide

  •  A compelling investment opportunity
  •  The ability to create a structure to exploit the opportunity in an optimal way
  •  The ability to attract seasoned, world- class managers to direct the investment

Vulpes offers outside investors the ability to co-invest in these opportunities in exactly the same way as the partners.

These Include...

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German Real Estate.
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Life Sciences.
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Private Equity/ Venture Capital.
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Frontier Markets.
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