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Would you buy something from your Website?

It has been written so many times that the digital world has been advanced by about 5 years by the pandemic.

As an initial source of information and background it is a good place to do those initial smell tests to see if you are really interested in a product. So how relevant for today is your website?

These days your site needs to be a lot more than just a Fund Information Board. As Anthony Rawlins who heads Digital Visitor points out it is likely to be the only way someone can begin to get to know your offering. It is also the way that you can develop your brand and what does your web site say about your company.

For an investor to take the increased risk of dealing with a newer manager’s Fund they first must understand the Investment Manager and the people involved. What does your website say about you as a company? How human does it make your offering to be. Does it say anything about what your objectives in your local community and what you are doing for your staff during this unusual time. It must be a brand rather than just a label.

Try looking at your site and would you buy something from it. I suspect not.

Time to invest some of your travel budget in an upgrade.

Happy to review sites and offer suggestions.

19th October 2020

Tags:   Communication   Investment