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Be Ready To Vote.

June 29, 2016

Like many others I was totally taken off guard by the Brexit vote. However maybe not as much as the chattering political class who are currently looking to regroup in order to legitimize what has happened. In many cases I suspect the leadership questions will be small fry against the reselection/ selection process for the next election.

Business also has been blown sideways. Its natural trade routes and patterns have been stopped. With only two years to re plumb the system what is going to emerge.

Without world-wide fiscal stimulus world trade is going to decline even more that it has already this year. The Netherlands Central Bank estimate shows a fall of 1.5% on year so far. There are now even more reasons not to build factories or start new business in the world. Under whose law are you going to write the contract. What is the new contract?

This is the great opportunity to grasp for the UK. It will take a whole new sea change.

The UK needs now to raise its whole Corporate and Government Governance standards. Set the bar very high in all matters and be prepared to punish those that try to cut the corners going forward from all walks of life.

This will encourage the rest of the world to continue to use the UK as the centre of international trade. To use the UK for what it is very good at which is pragmatically dealing with the rest of the world. To use the UK as the place yourself to compete internationally.

We will need to be a high skilled high value economy using the best skills in manufacturing and services we can get from round the world. We will need to invest heavily in our education system to use the local raw material. We need the to encourage the brightest and the best through our University and finishing qualification standards to stay on in the UK to build for the Next Generation.

We will also need to be a more compassionate unified society that listens to what is being said from all walks of life. No one grows a business (that’s really what the UK is going to be) by ignoring its work force.

Its time to be involved so join your political party of your choice and vote on the next leadership. In both cases currently it is too few making the decision for too many. The next Prime Minister will be decided by only 150,000 voters (Members of the Tory Party) unless you decide to do something about it. The labour party is in the mess as it only represents one side of the socialist outlook in a democracy.

The rest of the world is going to continue to dilly dally. Election hurdles in key areas mean more of the same to appease and win votes in France, Germany (so the key EU drivers) Japan and the US. Come on UK become the Statesman to the world. You have given yourself the greatest opportunity to fulfil that role. Now take it.

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